Escalator Malfunction at DC Metro Station Injures Four

Four people were transported to the hospital on Saturday following a Washington DC escalator accident at the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station stop. Officials are trying to determine what happened.

The escalator injuries sustained by the victims are reportedly non-life threatening. However, according to, one person who was hurt says that 19 people reportedly ended up in a pile after they were thrown off the moving staircase when it suddenly accelerated out-of-control. quotes one witness as describing the incident as a “frightening carnival ride.” Another witness to the Washington DC injury accident noted the smell of “burning brakes.”
Escalator Accidents

Every day, hundreds of millions of people in this country ride escalators. In a 2005 article, the news outlet reported that approximately 10,000 people a year end up in hospital emergency rooms because of escalator accidents. Some of these incidents have proven fatal.

Common causes of escalator accidents:
• Design flaws
• Escalator malfunction
• Manufacturing defect
• Missing escalator parts
• Step collapse
• Inadequate maintenance
• Installation errors
• Missing escalator teeth
• Worn escalator belt

Elderly seniors and young children are at higher risk of injury than teens and adults of becoming involved in and getting hurt during an escalator accident. Fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, and hand and foot entrapment accidents are some examples of accidents that can occur on an escalator. Broken bones, head injuries, asphyxiation injuries (from the victim’s clothing getting stuck in the escalator), head injuries, serious hand and foot injuries, and wrongful death can occur.

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