Washington DC Injury: Strangulation Accident Involving Baby Monitor Cord Causes 10-Month-Old’s Death

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission wants parents and caregivers to know that placing a baby audio and video monitor cord too close to a crib can create a strangulation hazard for kids. It was just in March that 10-month old died in a Washington DC strangulation accident when she became entangled in the camera monitor cord.

According to the Savannah Caroline’s parents, Charlie Pereira and Lisa Rushton, their daughter grabbed for the monitor, which had been placed out of her reach, pulling the device into the crib with her. Although a recall has not been issued, the CPSC is cautioning adults and guardians to be careful and make sure the monitor is far away from a child’s grasp.

The CPSC says it has received six infant death reports involving this type of monitor since 2004. There have also been reports of three babies who became entangled in the cord but were rescued before they suffered serious injuries.

According to experts, kids and cords together can create a dangerous situation. Entanglement, choking, and strangulation can occur. The CPCS is offering a number of recommendations for how to make sure that your child doesn’t accidentally get caught in any type of cord:

• Use a wireless baby monitor.
• If you are using a corded monitor, keep the monitor and cord away from children.
• Keep other cords, such as drapery cords, lamp cords, and other electrical cords away from your child.

• Any type of long material (for example, long drawstrings on a piece of clothing) that your child can get entangled in may pose a strangulation hazard.

Product manufacturers can be held liable for products liability if their product is designed in such a manner that can cause injuries. Product malfunction and failure to warn of a hazard can also be grounds for a Washington DC products liability case.

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