Many Brain Injury Patients Suffer from Pseudobulbar Affect, Says Survey

According to a survey released by the Brain Injury Association of America, about 80% of respondents suffer from a neurological condition called pseudobulbar affect. PBA is believed to occur when there is structural damage to the brain. It can cause involuntary crying or laughing outbursts especially during situations that are inappropriate.

Survey participants included brain injury patients and caregivers. Data showed that almost 80% of qualified respondents experienced episodes of PBA. About 48% reported being regularly affected by this condition. Only 7% were aware of the term pseudobulbar affect, which is a treatable medical condition that is separate from the brain injury and often under diagnosed. 67% reportedly suffer from PBA but have not been treated for it.

Caregivers and brain injury patients suffering PBA report that the condition has a negative impact on quality of life, affecting social activities, time with family, and work. PBA can also strain relationships, causing embarrassment for the person and their family, while offending others who may not be aware that the seemingly inappropriate reactions are not within the person’s control. More than a million people reportedly suffer from PBA.

Brain Injuries

If you believe that your Washington DC brain injury was caused by another party’s negligent or careless actions, you may have grounds for a DC personal injury case. Common causes of brain injuries include motor vehicle crashes, violent crimes, illness, getting struck or striking a hard objects, fall accidents, firearm injuries, athletic or recreational accidents, drowning accidents, surgical errors, electrical shock, construction accidents, strangulation or suffocation accidents, and exposure to toxic chemicals.

Living with a brain injury can be very challenging and expensive. Some brain injury patients may need 24-hour care. Still others may require the use of medical devices and specialized medical care to maintain a decent quality of life. The side effects from a brain injury can make it tough for the patient to live independently, hold down a job, tend to daily tasks, take part in regular activities, or maintain relationships.

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