Maryland Crash Involving DUI Leads to One Dead and Passenger Injury

Drunk driving accidents can be devasting and scary, and can happen in a flash. Victims of these types of crashes may have absolutely no connection to the drunk driver but may find themselves suffering as a result. In other situations, victims of these types of crashes may have some type of relationship with the drunk driver and may find themselves injured as passengers in the car of the drunk driver. In both situations, passengers may suffer from injuries that leave them wanting to figure out next steps for possible personal injury claims.

A recent news report revealed information regarding a recent fatal car accident in Maryland involving a DUI. According to the report, deputies found a single vehicle that had run off the roadway and struck a light pole. The driver of the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. The passenger of the vehicle was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Initial investigations revealed that speed and alcohol contributed to the crash, although the accident is still under investigation.

What Are Common Passenger Injuries in Drunk Driving Accidents?

In unfortunate scenarios involving a drunk driver, passengers may suffer injuries as a result of accidents that occur as a result. When this occurs, you may be wondering what passengers can do to recover from the loss or damages they suffered as a result of their injuries. Passengers may suffer economic loss from medical bills and hospital visits, for example. Firstly, when a driver is identified as the at-fault driver in the accident and is found to have been the only negligent driver who was under the influence of alcohol, passengers are able to file insurance claims with the insurance company of driver who is found at-fault. In some situations, if the passenger was injured as a passenger in the drunk driver’s vehicle, there may be instances where the insurance company can make an argument that the passenger should have known that the driver was intoxicated. This can be a tricky argument to consider, and something that an attorney with expertise in personal injury lawsuits can help with. In addition, there may be questions about how much fault each driver is responsible for in the accident, which can be another aspect that impacts recovery.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Washington D.C. Area Car Accident?

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