Maryland Public Schools to Conduct Baseline Assessments Aimed at Concussion Identification

Likely in reaction to the increased awareness surrounding the dangers of concussions and head injuries, for the first time, Maryland public schools will begin to conduct cognitive testing for all high school athletes in Montgomery County before the students can practice or play on any sports team.

The computer based tests, called ImPACT, measure memory of both written words and patterns, in addition to other data, to create a baseline assessment. Then, if a player suffers a concussion during the season, a follow-up test can be given for comparison three to seven days after the injury. The retests are given once the injured individual is recovering, in order to ensure that they are capable of returning to play.

Additionally, some local football coaches are training athletes in the USA Football’s “Heads Up” program, which teaches tackling techniques that protect against head and neck injuries. Furthermore, players will only engage in hitting during two practices a week, aside from game day, in order to decrease the potential number of sub-concussive hits.

The precautions are designed to prevent athletes from incurring additional, and more serious, secondary injuries as a result of returning to play too early.

Charles, Howard and Anne Arundel counties will also use the ImPACT baseline concussion program, and Washington, DC public schools will test athletes as well. The Fairfax County Public School District in Virginia has reportedly been administering the ImPACT test with its student athletes for several years.

While traumatic brain injuries are more commonly associated with car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and slip and falls, increased attention has been given to sports-related incidents which have lead to serious brain injuries. In any accident where a person’s head has been injured, there is a chance that the victim can suffer a traumatic brain injury. Immediate medical attention is required in order to ensure the proper course of treatment, and in order to prevent the worsening of the injury.

In car accidents and similar incidents, victims of traumatic brain injuries may be eligible to bring a lawsuit against another motorist or another individual who was responsible for causing their injury. This is in contrast to the recent football related lawsuits, where the victims do not have a claim against the opposing player responsible for causing the injury (due to the principle of assumption of risk by participating in the sport), but in some cases they have claims against the relevant coach, school, or agency who failed to warn them of the seriousness of the risk, or who did not prevent them from playing when the relevant body knew or should have known the risk.

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