The Dangers of Washington, D.C. Head-On Accidents

Among the various configurations that an accident can take place in, perhaps the most dangerous is the head-on collision. When a head-on collision happens, it can be devastating because both vehicles are usually moving at rapid speeds and the force of the two cars crashing frequently results in significant injuries or in severe crashes, death. Understanding the common causes of these accidents can help you avoid them as a proactive driver.

According to a recent local news report, a major accident involving a Metrobus and van left five people injured, one dead, and another in critical condition. Local authorities reported that the Metrobus and van collided head-on and the van driver, a separate passenger, and a boy were trapped in the wrecked vehicle. The van crashed into the front driver’s side of the bus and was extensively damaged and crumpled following the accident. After officials pulled everyone from the van, the separate passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. The boy was taken to the hospital in critical condition and the bus driver and the bus’s four passengers had minor injuries and were also treated at local hospitals. The circumstances leading up to the accident remain under investigation.

Where Do Head On Accidents Happen the Most?

Washington, D.C. head-on collisions usually take place on two-lane roads, where both lanes have traffic moving in different directions. When a driver crosses the center line separating the two lanes and another driver is approaching from the opposite direction, they could crash head-on. Head-on accidents also happen when a driver enters a highway ramp from the wrong direction or enters a highway from the wrong side of the divider. To best protect yourself and your passengers, there are a number of steps you can take to best prevent these accidents from taking place.

First, and perhaps most obviously, it is crucial to pay attention to road signage and pavement markings. Often, the paint color of center lines will tell you if you are driving in the right direction on a road. Signs that read “wrong way” or “do not enter” exist to alert you if you are driving against traffic.

Second, when there is a car speeding toward you or about to drift into your lane head-on, you should do your best to warn the driver before moving out of the way—if there’s time to safely do so. For example, if the vehicle is a good distance away, you can flash your headlights or blast your horn as a warning. If the vehicle is quickly approaching, steer your car to the right of the oncoming vehicle, preferably into an open area like the shoulder. Driving your car to the right of the oncoming vehicle is crucial because if you swerve to the left, you will likely swing into oncoming traffic moving in the opposite direction.

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