Two Men Hospitalized Following DC Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Incident at Apartment Complex Parking Garage

According to the Washington Post, two men were rushed to the hospital after they were exposed to what appears to have been carbon monoxide while working in an apartment complex parking garage. Officials say that at the time of the accident, they had been operating pressure washers in an unvented area of the underground garage. High CO levels were also detected in other areas of the building.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Exposure to excessive levels of CO poisoning can be deadly. This is why premise owners and managers may make sure that patrons, guests, residents, visitors, clients, or employees are not exposed to this colorless and odorless gas. If you or someone you love was injured from exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning, you should contact our DC personal injury lawyers today.

If your CO poisoning accident occurred on the job, not only may you be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but you may also have a Washington DC injury case against other parties, such as the owner of the property where the carbon monoxide incident occurred, a negligent service professional, a builder, the manufacturer of a defective CO detector or a device that emitted the deadly gas, or others.

Victims of CO poisoning may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, emotional trauma, disability, quality of life loss, and other damages. Families who have lost someone as a result of exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning may be entitled to compensation for funeral costs, medical bills, income and benefit losses, companionship loss, and other damages.

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, CDC

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