Washington DC Injury Lawsuit Against Sidwell Friends School Alleges Severe Emotional Distress

The father of a 5-year-old student at Sidwell Friends School has filed a $10 million Washington DC injury lawsuit against the school. Arthur G. Newmyer claims that the defendant was negligent for failing to properly supervise a staff psychologist that was counseling his daughter and who ended up having an affair with her mother. Newmyer claims that as a result of the affair becoming known, he and his daughter, who is a kindergartener at the school, suffered severe emotional distress. Newmyer and his wife are separated.

In his DC personal injury complaint, Newmyer says that the school board fired psychologist James F. “Jack” Huntington after he told them the latter was sending sexually explicit emails to his wife. Tara Newmyer says that she and Arthur Newmyer were separated by the time she and Huntington became involved.

Suing for Emotional Distress

Emotional distress/undue emotional suffering is a type of injury that can result from someone else’s actions. For example, emotional distress can occur from losing someone you love in an accident or because you were wrongly diagnosed with a terminal illness by a physician. Sexual assault, false imprisonment, molestation, or watching someone you love get hurt in a collision can also result in emotional distress.

Sometimes, the emotional distress is a result of the alleged wrongdoer’s intentional or reckless infection. In other instances, the emotional distress is caused by the other party’s negligent actions or failure to act, which that resulted in someone suffering emotionally.

Sidwell Friends School sued for $10 million over alleged affair, Washington Post, May 12, 2011
Sidwell Friends Sued for $10 Million by Cuckolded Dad, Washingtonian, May 12, 2011

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