Washington, D.C. Accidents Can Really Hurt Already Struggling Residents

Many Washington, D.C. residents are struggling financially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people lost their jobs, or have had their hours significantly cut, and are struggling to pay rent or buy groceries. This makes Washington, D.C. accidents that injure people and cause financial strain even more tragic, because they can cause significant damage to already struggling individuals and families. And many of these accidents are unexpected—happening out of nowhere—illustrating how someone’s life can change drastically in just one moment.

For example, consider a recent accident affecting a food truck. According to a local news article, the accident occurred around 9 PM one Saturday evening when a car suddenly approached the pizza stand at high speed and crashed into it. The owner, who was at the time packing a pizza to the side of the van, told officials he saw his stepson get thrown several feet from the impact of the collision. While the owner was not himself injured, his stepson unfortunately was. He suffered severe injuries and had to be rushed to the emergency room in serious condition. A second person was also badly hurt in the crash.

While injuries like this are already tragic on their own, this one is particularly tragic due to the family’s struggles during the pandemic. The owner said he and his family lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and poured all of their savings into setting up this pizza stand. Giving an interview to the local news, the owner said “I’m so sad because I lost everything. I worked so hard, so many years to save my money,” to try and run his own business, “but now it’s gone.” Community members are attempting to raise money to buy him a new trailer and repair the pizza oven, but the situation is still frustrating and upsetting for the family.

While hopefully, the GoFundMe established for the family will bring them some relief, this story illustrates why personal injury lawsuits can be so important.

How Can Victims Be Made Whole After a Serious Car Accident?

When preventable accidents happen, Washington, D.C. residents who were already struggling financially may all of a sudden find themselves with new costs, including medical bills and lost wages. This is why Washington, D.C. law allows these individuals to file a personal injury lawsuit against whoever caused the accident—in this case, for example, the driver who crashed into the pizza stand. These lawsuits can compensate individuals for their losses in significant ways, covering both past and future medical expenses, and even compensate for lost income due to a shut-down pizza stand, for example, or an inability to work while injured. While GoFundMes can be incredibly helpful, personal injury lawsuits may be a better long-term solution for Washington, D.C. families struggling in the aftermath of an accident.

Hurting in the Aftermath of a Washington, D.C. Accident?

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