Washington DC Denture Cream Injuries: GlaxoSmithKline Says Zinc Will No Longer Be An Ingredient In Super Poligrip

GlaxoSmithKline PLC says it is taking “voluntary, precautionary” measures by removing zinc from all of its denture creams. The pharmaceutical company acknowledged that health issues have been linked to long-term excessive use of denture adhesive products that contained zinc in them. However, a Glaxo spokesperson noted that its denture creams are safe if used as instructed and that it is only excessive use over an extended period of time that causes neurological symptoms.

Currently, Glaxo is the manufacturer of the Super PoliGrip line, including Original, Extra Care, Ultra Fresh, and the zinc-free Super Poligrip Comfort Seal Strips, Free, and Powder. Approximately 8.5 million people use these poligrip products.

However, the concern that long-term use of denture creams with zinc is causing neurological damage, including crippling nerve injuries, is growing. Already, dozens of people have filed products liability lawsuits alleging denture cream injuries.

According to a Neurology study from 2008, high doses of zinc may lead to copper deficiencies that can cause nerve damage. Because some denture cream wearers need a lot of adhesive to keep their teeth in place, these persons are likely absorbing more zinc than what is considered safe.

Our Washington DC products liability lawyers know how upsetting it can be to discover that your injuries were caused by a pharmaceutical product that you believed was benefitting you rather than harming you. There may be legal options that can allow you to obtain Washington DC personal injury recovery.

Possible signs that denture crème poisoning is causing neurological damage:

• Constipation
• Anorexia
• Balance problems
• Neuropathy
• Abnormal heart rate
• Sores
• Perspiration difficulties
• Extremity-related weaknesses
• Paresthesias
• Bone marrow failure
• Dyesthesias
• Blood pressure problems
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