Washington DC Strangulation Accident Prompts Baby Monitor Recall

Last year, our Washington DC wrongful death lawyers reported on a DC injuries to minors accident linked to a baby monitor cord. Savannah Caroline, 10 months, died last March after she became entangled in the cord. Eight months later, a 6-month old baby died after he too was strangled because of his video monitor’s cord.

Now, Summer Infant and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are recalling about 1.7 million video baby monitors. The recall will allow Summer Infant to provide new on-product warning labels and instructions so that parents and guardians will know where they can place the baby monitor so that it doesn’t pose an injury hazard to kids. Summer Infant is also recalling the rechargeable batteries of another 58,000 video monitors because they pose a possible burn hazard. These monitors were sold at Babies R Us in 2009 and 2010.

Injuries caused by products that malfunction, have design defects, or fail to provide instructions or warnings on proper use can be grounds for a Washington DC products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. The supplier or seller can also be held liable for DC personal injury or wrongful death for making the defective or dangerous product available for purchase.

Strangulation is an all too common problem when it comes to babies and certain product defects. Manufacturers know this and it is their responsibility to prevent these types of accidents from happening.

Last year, the CPSC provided a Safety Alert warning parents of what to do to keep their kids from strangling in a baby monitor cord:

• Make sure that the cord and the monitor is placed far away enough that the baby cannot reach for it.
• Make sure that the cord is over three feet away from any crib, play yard, bassinet, or sleeping area.
• As your baby grows, constantly check to make sure that he/she still cannot reach the monitor cord.
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