DC Man Arrested After Spree of Hit-and-Run Accidents

Earlier this month, police arrested and charged a man who was involved in a series of hit-and-run accidents across Washington DC. According to a recent report by the Capital Gazette, the man was charged with 18 counts, including drunk driving and multiple charges of failure to remain at the scene following an accident.

Luckily, many of the vehicles the man ran into were unoccupied, but one person was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma as a result of the injuries he sustained. Evidently, the hit-and-run spree began around 6:15 in the evening in the area of Juliana Circle and Newtowne Drive, when a black Jeep sideswiped an unoccupied Nissan that was parked on the side of the road.

After that initial collision, the Jeep continued on down Newtowne Drive. As the driver was negotiating a curve, however, he ran head-on into a city bus. The driver then put the vehicle in reverse, ran over the curb and through a fence, and pulled away, hitting the bus again on the way out.

Police were contacted and responded to the scene. They received word that the man was involved in two other hit-and-runs. One driver was able to take a picture of the Jeep. Another driver called 911 as the Jeep sped away. Eventually, the Jeep hopped a curb again and collided with another Nissan, this time head-on. The driver of that vehicle was seriously injured and was taken to Shock Trauma.

After colliding with the Nissan, the hit-and-run driver got out of his car and fled the scene. He then saw an acquaintance and asked for a ride home. Not knowing that the man had been involved in several hit-and-run accidents just moments before, the friend gave the man a ride. Witnesses saw the man get into his friend’s car and called police, who pulled the car over a short time later.

When police pulled the car over, they could detect a strong smell of alcohol coming from the man. They also noted that his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Officers explained that the man’s statements were incoherent and he had difficulty maintaining his balance. As it turns out, the driver has been convicted of other hit-and-run accidents in the past. The man is facing multiple charges related to drunk driving and fleeing the scene of an accident. Currently, he is being held on $100,000 bail.

Have You Been Involved in a Hit-and-Run Accident?

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